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Focus On The Fun, Not The Burn!

InteractiveSQUASH transforms your squash court into a smart court

It tracks every players’ move and shot, meaning that you can play any sort of game and/or training module on a massive virtual environment with a real racquet and a real ball

This is a court you’ve never experienced before!

Statistics Tracking
Fun Games
 Worldwide Competition
 Training Improvement



Training modules active


Games available

Any existing squash court can be upgraded to an interactiveSQUASH court within 48 hours.

InteractiveSQUASH is a game-changer for attracting and retaining new players of all ages

In relation to the opening hours of sports centres, interactiveSQUASH courts have a higher average usage rate than normal squash courts.


In winter, the booking duration during opening hours is approximately 73%.


In summer, the booking duration during opening hours is approximately 45%.

Squash players spend more time for training sessions and fun activities on the courts than before.

  • Played hours on standard squash court (2018) and interactiveSQUASH court (2019) per month

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