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Court Admin

Manage and Control your Court

Your future champions are out there, waiting to join the game.

InteractiveSQUASH: A Comprehensive Platform for the Digital Age

InteractiveSQUASH goes beyond being an advanced training system for skilled and professional players. It offers an immersive and interactive sports experience that meets the demands of today’s digital age. With easy access and features suitable for all ages and skill levels, our platform ensures engaging gameplay year-round, even during summer.

“The sport of squash needs innovations such as interactiveSQUASH to ensure squash continues to be played on the world’s biggest stages. I am convinced technology is the driving force to maximize talent, unlock potential and glue aspiring young players to the court. Together with interactiveSQUASH, we aim to capitalize on the opportunities digitalization offers for court operators, coaches and players to boost the future success of our sport.“, said Nick Matthew, OBE.

Skilled Player

Enhanced Solo Training for Advanced Players

Advanced and professional squash players will find that solo training sessions on our InteractiveSQUASH courts are invaluable for refining specific skills and strategies. The integrated tracking system, combined with our mobile app, allows players to analyze their playing style in depth. This analysis helps them identify and strengthen their weaknesses while reinforcing their strengths. Motivated by visible progress, players are encouraged to return frequently for regular training sessions. Even if a training partner cancels, the engaging features of our courts ensure players can still enjoy and benefit from their time on the court.


Attract More Amateurs and Beginners to Your Court

InteractiveSQUASH enhances your court’s appeal by making it a prime destination for both kids and adults looking to learn squash. With instant visual feedback, coaches can objectively assess performance, clearly showing players where they need to hit versus their actual strikes. This precise feedback helps players understand their current level more clearly and progress faster. Additionally, the system allows coaches to assign specific training tasks for students to practice independently, boosting their skills and confidence. Increase your bookings by offering a training experience that accelerates learning and keeps players engaged.

Fitness enthusiasts

Enhance Your Court’s Appeal for Intense, Fun Workouts

Squash is celebrated as ‘the world’s healthiest sport,’ renowned for enhancing strength, balance, and agility. However, the initial learning curve can be daunting for many. InteractiveSQUASH addresses this challenge by offering games that are not only fun but also designed for easy access, allowing newcomers to start playing without prior experience. This approach lowers the barrier to entry and increases people’s willingness to incorporate squash into their regular workout routines, making your court a more attractive option for athletes seeking both challenge and enjoyment.


Draw in a Young, Dynamic Crowd Looking for Innovative Leisure Activities

Capitalize on the gamification trend and the allure of mixed reality in sports and gaming to attract fun-oriented, open-minded individuals, especially students. Raised in the digital era, this tech-savish generation is continually on the lookout for fresh, innovative experiences. InteractiveSQUASH provides exactly that—a new and exciting way to engage with sports. If it’s new, they’ll want to try it; if it’s cool, they’ll share it with their networks. This not only brings new visitors to your facility but also increases your court’s visibility and popularity.

School cooperation

Revitalize Your Court During Off-Peak Hours and Build Your Reputation

Breathe new life into your squash court during typically quiet times like early mornings by inviting local schools to hold physical education classes on your premises. InteractiveSQUASH captivates children with a blend of fun and educational games that can accommodate groups of up to 20 kids. Our platform includes games that integrate math, geography, and memory skills, all enhanced with colorful visuals and engaging audio effects. This exciting adventure not only entertains but also aids in the development of cognitive and physical skills. Children will be eager to share their positive experiences, naturally promoting your court to their families and increasing its visibility in your community.

Kids B-Day Parties

Transform Your Court into a Digital Playground for Memorable Afternoons

InteractiveSQUASH turns your court into a vibrant digital playground, perfect for children and their parents to enjoy joyful afternoons. Parents are always on the lookout for new and meaningful ways to celebrate their children’s birthday parties and gatherings. Not only does our technology fill your court with excitement, but it also brings life to your catering area with the hospitality extended to guests. Remember, today’s young participants are tomorrow’s squash enthusiasts. Hosting their celebrations on your InteractiveSQUASH court ensures a memorable first experience with the sport, laying the groundwork for future engagement.

Match Day Live Stream

Match Day Live Stream: Strengthen Community Bonds and Customer Loyalty

Enhance your community engagement on match days with a live stream event at your court. This initiative not only gathers squash enthusiasts under one roof but also strengthens customer loyalty and relationships. Encourage your patrons to experience the thrill of live competition together, fostering a sense of unity and excitement that keeps them coming back.

Use the high-quality projector and sound system to stream live sports events on a huge screen.. Public viewing on your court and means full house in your snack bar. Stream and share league matches and tournaments on your court to the internet to reach more fans, create more awareness and make your court attractive to sponsors.


Sponsorship Opportunities: Boost Profitability with Minimal Effort

Leverage the popularity of your courts by attracting sponsorships that can significantly enhance profitability with minimal effort. This strategy not only generates additional income but also aligns your facility with brands that share a commitment to promoting health and sport. Engage sponsors to turn every match and event into an opportunity for increased revenue and visibility.

Your interactiveSQUASH court provides flexible branding opportunities, easy to change and modify with a few clicks. Play image and promotional videos on your front wall when the court is not in use. Add logo placements to the premium spot in the menu section. Offer your sponsor interactive in-game solutions with customised content.

How the System works

Hard- and Software

Advanced Technology of the InteractiveSQUASH System

The interactiveSQUASH system is equipped with cutting-edge technology, including infrared sensor systems, motion-tracking cameras, and high-definition projectors. This combination allows for precise detection of both the player’s position and the ball’s impact on the court wall. Infra-red sensor bars are strategically placed to detect the ball as it approaches the wall, while detailed ball positioning is achieved through a camera housed in the iBox using infrared light. The system’s computer processes these inputs to enhance the gaming and training software, projecting interactive visuals directly onto the front wall. Additional cameras record video and monitor player movements, providing data for future application developments and enhancing the overall interactive experience.

Maximize Your Court’s Potential with Court Admin

Court Admin empowers interactiveSQUASH owners and operators with a comprehensive suite of tools designed to optimize the management and utilization of their state-of-the-art courts. The process is straightforward: access Court Admin through an online portal, log into your specific court, and manage all aspects of court operations from the comfort of your computer. This system simplifies court management, allowing for efficient control and customization to enhance the user experience.

Manage your Court. Control the settings, preferences and app profile of your interactiveSQUASH court.

Add/Update Games/Modules. Decide which games and/or training modules can be accessed by your player.

Track Analytics. Access a diverse range of statistics such as detailed accounts of hours played, usage ratio and revenue.

Control Advertising. Manage your court’s ad space, representing an additional source of revenue for your club or center.

Streamline Your Court Management with the ‘Pick Game’ Tool

The ‘Pick Game’ feature within Court Admin simplifies the operation of your interactiveSQUASH court. This intuitive tool allows you to activate or deactivate the court with ease, adjust lighting and sound effects, and select from a variety of games and training modules. Additionally, you can set the front wall to display a screensaver between sessions, maintaining an engaging environment even when not actively in use.

The ‘Pick Game’ page.

Simple yet powerful, Court Admin puts you in control of your interactiveSQUASH system.

Unlock Valuable Insights with the Analytics Tool

The Analytics tool, a cornerstone of Court Admin, offers unparalleled insight into the usage of your interactiveSQUASH court. With just a few clicks, access a comprehensive breakdown of time played, categorized by year and month. Easily compare statistics between various games and training modules to discern trends and preferences among players.

Harness the power of analytics to determine peak playing times, identify popular games and modules, and make informed decisions to optimize court usage. With this valuable data at your fingertips, you can effectively tailor your offerings to meet the needs and preferences of your players.

Access the latest analytics from your interactiveSQUASH court.

Video Tracking

Imagine a court that provides you with realtime video tracking? The benefits of such a wealth of data are endless. Every interactiveSQUASH system comes equipped with a series of four cameras that will track every move and shot players make. As a court owner this feature will greatly enhance the training capability of your club.


Pick a Game

System Settings

Session Timer

Update Management

Logo and Contact Details


User Profile and Roles

Ressources and Contact

interactiveSQUASH Financing – starting at 299 € per month

Frequently asked questions

Want to find out more about interactiveSQUASH? You need support? Please find answers to these and more below.

Can I play regular squash on an interactiveSQUASH court?

Yes. A squash court with interactiveSQUASH functionality has the same size and dimensions as a regular squash court.

Can I use my regular squash racket and balls on an interactiveSQUASH court?

Yes. Players require no special equipment to get the best experience.

What is the image on the front wall of the interactiveSQUASH court?

Many people have asked if the image on the front is from an embedded screen or

The image you see on the front wall of an interactiveSQUASH court is a projected image. The source is a ceiling-mounted projector.

The system uses the very latest generation of Panasonic laser-diode projectors to produce a clear, crisp image even in the bright lighting conditions required by squash courts. Unlike regular LED projectors, they are practically maintenance-free.

Can I upgrade my existing court to interactiveSQUASH?

Yes, the interactiveSQUASH system is a turnkey upgrade which integrates with (nearly) any existing squash courts.

If you are interested in upgrading please contact our sales team.

What do I get with my purchase of interactiveSQUASH?

interactiveSQUASH is sold as an all-in-one package. One purchase secures you all the hardware required to get started.

Is interactiveSquash portable?

No. interactiveSQUASH is a fixed installation.

How long does the upgrade process last?

Upgrading to interactiveSQUASH can take as little as 48 hours, depending on the circumstances and condition of the court in question.

Do I need an active internet connection for interactiveSQUASH?

Yes. To receive the latest content and updates, the interactiveSQUASH system must be have an active internet connection.

How much does interactiveSQUASH cost?

If you are interested in receiving a quote for an interactiveSQUASH system, please get in touch with our sales team by sending an e-mail to

How do I install an interactiveSQUASH system?

The interactiveSQUASH set up can be handled by our installation team, global partner network or even by court operators with the help of an electrician following our installation guide.

Does the installation require any additional preparation that could incur additional costs?
Yes, the court operator needs to perform the following tasks as a prerequisite at their cost (approximately 1000€ – 5000€ depending on location and client requirements) to ensure successful installation:
  1. Lighting – The front light of the squash court needs to receive a separate power source. This will then in turn be switched off to elevate player experience with projection on the front wall.
  2. Structural support mounting plate needs to be mounted onto the ceiling to hold the console with a projector. (Mounting plate will be sent by us after order confirmation).
  3. Paint the front wall with the specialised paint that we send after order confirmation.
  4. Provide power outlet and internet connection to location of mounting plate.
  5. Prepare 50mm inner diameter cable duct/conduit in front wall to connect tin with sensor bar.
  6. Run main cable from console to bottom tins through conduit and camera cable.
  7. Rear camera support – a few courts may need a bracket to hold the camera, if your court infrastructure supports the installation of the camera, then no need not worry about extra costs.
*Additional costs may occur depending on your court requirements. Please get in touch with our representative to find best options for you and your court. Our installation and production team will support you during the complete process.

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? Get in touch with us through the contact form.