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Court Admin

Manage and Control your Court

Your players are waiting out there, don’t miss the chance to get them on your court.

InteractiveSQUASH is more than an advanced training system for skilled and professional squash players. The platform covers the needs of the digital age: immersive gameplay, interactive sports experiences, easy access and suitable for all ages and skill levels – even in summer time.

“The sport of squash needs innovations such as interactiveSQUASH to ensure squash continues to be played on the world’s biggest stages. I am convinced technology is the driving force to maximize talent, unlock potential and glue aspiring young players to the court. Together with interactiveSQUASH, we aim to capitalize on the opportunities digitalization offers for court operators, coaches and players to boost the future success of our sport.“, said Nick Matthew, OBE.

Skilled Player

Advanced and professional player will spent more time with solo-training to refine specific skills and strategies. 


The tracking system in combination with the app enables these players to analyse their playing style and to specifically improve their strengths and weaknesses. Motivated by the progress, they will return quickly and train regularly. Even the cancellation of their training partner won’t stop them to enjoy their time on your court.


Bring more amateurs and beginner to your court and increase the bookings of training sessions for kids and adults.


interactiveSquash provides instant visual feedback enabling coaches to objectively assess performance. It shows where players have to hit versus where they actually hit and gives a much clearer impression of where their level lies. This is great for helping players progress faster. You can even give your students tasks to train individually.

Fitness enthusiasts

Make your court more attractive to athletes who are looking for an intense and fun workout.


Squash has been dubbed ‘the world’s healthiest sport’ and it is famous for pushing players’ strength, balance and agility to the limit. The problem: Many people hesitate because they don’t know how to play. Our games are designed for fun and easy access to start playing without previous knowledge. This reduces the inhibition threshold and increases the willingness to have their routine workout on your court.


Attract fun-orientated, open-minded audiences who are looking for new things to try out in their leisure time.


Make use of the gamification effect and mixed reality sports and gaming experience to target younger age groups like students. Grown in the digital age this tech-savvy generation is always looking for new innovative concepts and experiences. If it’s new – they are going to test it. If it’s cool – they are going to share with their network, which means new guests for you.

School cooperation

Enlive your court in times of less use, such as early morning and create awareness and reputation.


Invite schools to do their physical education on your court. Children love to play and will enthusiastically tell their parents about this exciting adventure. Fun games for groups up to 10 kids as well as educational games (math, geography, memory) will keep children busy and help to develop cognitive and physical skills while playing digital games with colorful visual and funny audio effects.

Kids B-Day Parties

Turn your court into a digital playground and provide children and their parents a joyful afternoon.


Parents are always looking for meaningful activities for their kids and friends to celebrate b-day parties. In addition to the occupancy of the court, your catering area will benefit from the hospitality of the guests. Keep in mind that these children may become your future squash players and they will never forget their first lesson on a digital court, your interactiveSQUASH court.

Match Day Live Stream

Gather your community on match days and strengthen your customer loyalty and relationship.

Use the high-quality projector and sound system to stream live sports events on a huge screen.. Public viewing on your court and means full house in your snack bar. Stream and share league matches and tournaments on your court to the internet to reach more fans, create more awareness and make your court attractive to sponsors.


Make your courts more profitable and generate additional income with almost no efforts.

Your interactiveSQUASH court provides flexible branding opportunities, easy to change and modify with a few clicks. Play image and promotional videos on your front wall when the court is not in use. Add logo placements to the premium spot in the menu section. Offer your sponsor interactive in-game solutions with customised content.

interactiveSQUASH Financing

Monthly Rates starting at 299 €.

We offer individual solutions for your corporate and private interactiveSQUASH project.

How the System works

Hard- and Software

The interactiveSQUASH System combines infra-red sensor systems, motion-tracking and projector technology to locate player and detect balls.


The interactiveSQUASH system knows at all times where the Player is positioned and where the Ball hits the wall, allowing for a multitude of Gaming & Training possibilities. The infra-red sensor bars detect the ball when close to the wall. Another detailed positioning of the ball is done with a camera in the iBox using infra red light. The PC calculates the position and gives the input to the application. The projector projects the image of the application back to the front wall. The other cameras are used to record video and detect the players position what will be used on new applications to be released soon.

The Power of the Court Admin


The Court Admin provides interactiveSQUASH owners and operators with all the tools they need to make the most of their state-of-the-art courts. The concept is simple, access Court Admin online, log into your court, and control the court from the comfort of your computer.

Manage your Court. Control the settings, preferences and app profile of your interactiveSQUASH court.

Add/Update Games/Modules. Decide which games and/or training modules can be accessed by your player.

Track Analytics. Access a diverse range of statistics such as detailed accounts of hours played, usage ratio and revenue.

Control Advertising. Manage your court’s ad space, representing an additional source of revenue for your club or center.

Pick Game

The Pick Game tool in Court Admin is a simple way of controlling your interactiveSQUASH court. Activate or deactivate the court easily, control lighting and volume effects, and most importantly choose between games and training modules. In-between sessions, you can also leave the front wall on screensaver mode as well.

The ‘Pick Game’ page.

Simple yet powerful, Court Admin puts you in control of your interactiveSQUASH system.


The Analytics tool is one of the most powerful features of Court Admin. It provides you with a comprehensive breakdown of all time played on your interactiveSQUASH court. Select the year and month you desire and easily compare statistics between games and training modules.

This way, you can establish how many hours of interactiveSQUASH are being played, which games or training modules are most popular, and determine your peak playing times.

Access the latest analytics from your interactiveSQUASH court.

Video Tracking

Imagine a court that provides you with realtime video tracking? The benefits of such a wealth of data are endless. Every interactiveSQUASH system comes equipped with a series of four cameras that will track every move and shot players make. As a court owner this feature will greatly enhance the training capability of your club.


Pick a Game

System Settings

Session Timer

Update Management

Logo and Contact Details


User Profile and Roles

Ressources and Contact

interactiveSQUASH Financing – starting at 299 € per month

Frequently asked questions

Want to find out more about interactiveSQUASH? You need support? Please find answers to these and more below.

Can I play regular squash on an interactiveSQUASH court?

Yes. A squash court with interactiveSQUASH functionality has the same size and dimensions as a regular squash court.

Can I use my regular squash racket and balls on an interactiveSQUASH court?

Yes. Players require no special equipment to get the best experience.

What is the image on the front wall of the interactiveSQUASH court?

Many people have asked if the image on the front is from an embedded screen or

The image you see on the front wall of an interactiveSQUASH court is a projected image. The source is a ceiling-mounted projector.

The system uses the very latest generation of Panasonic laser-diode projectors to produce a clear, crisp image even in the bright lighting conditions required by squash courts. Unlike regular LED projectors, they are practically maintenance-free.

Can I upgrade my existing court to interactiveSQUASH?

Yes, the interactiveSQUASH system is a turnkey upgrade which integrates with (nearly) any existing squash courts.

If you are interested in upgrading please contact our sales team.

What do I get with my purchase of interactiveSQUASH?

interactiveSQUASH is sold as an all-in-one package. One purchase secures you all the hardware required to get started.

Is interactiveSquash portable?

No. interactiveSQUASH is a fixed installation.

How long does the upgrade process last?

Upgrading to interactiveSQUASH can take as little as 48 hours, depending on the circumstances and condition of the court in question.

Do I need an active internet connection for interactiveSQUASH?

Yes. To receive the latest content and updates, the interactiveSQUASH system must be have an active internet connection.

How much does interactiveSQUASH cost?

If you are interested in receiving a quote for an interactiveSQUASH system, please get in touch with our sales team by sending an e-mail to

How do I install an interactiveSQUASH system?

The interactiveSQUASH set up can be handled by our installation team, global partner network or even by court operators with the help of an electrician following our installation guide.

Does the installation require any additional preparation that could incur additional costs?
Yes, the court operator needs to perform the following tasks as a prerequisite at their cost (approximately 1000€ – 5000€ depending on location and client requirements) to ensure successful installation:
  1. Lighting – The front light of the squash court needs to receive a separate power source. This will then in turn be switched off to elevate player experience with projection on the front wall.
  2. Structural support mounting plate needs to be mounted onto the ceiling to hold the console with a projector. (Mounting plate will be sent by us after order confirmation).
  3. Paint the front wall with the specialised paint that we send after order confirmation.
  4. Provide power outlet and internet connection to location of mounting plate.
  5. Prepare 50mm inner diameter cable duct/conduit in front wall to connect tin with sensor bar.
  6. Run main cable from console to bottom tins through conduit and camera cable.
  7. Rear camera support – a few courts may need a bracket to hold the camera, if your court infrastructure supports the installation of the camera, then no need not worry about extra costs.
*Additional costs may occur depending on your court requirements. Please get in touch with our representative to find best options for you and your court. Our installation and production team will support you during the complete process.

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? Get in touch with us through the contact form.