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InteractiveSQUASH Training

interactiveSQUASH is the most sophisticated digital training system for racket sports on the market. Training modules which have been designed in consultation with professional coaches and professional players can test movements and skills specifically related to competitive play.

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InteractiveSQUASH Games

interactiveSQUASH’s games are designed to get everyone and in particular kids thrilled to jump on court to start playing.
With a broad selection of different kind of games, from retro arcade to the more creative and educational ones, every game has been developed to meet fun and entertainment with the need of improving players’ skills like hand-eye coordination, speed, strength and reaction time.

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InteractiveSQUASH Games overview

Figure 8

Probably one of the most challenging exercises for every squash player, the Butterfly training module is perfect if you want to put your skills to the test with the help of immediate visual feedback and the counter to track your results.

Area Focus

Working on precision is fundamental to play squash at a good level, but is sometimes difficult to exercise. Thanks to Area Focus, you get immediate visual feedback and are now able to focus your shots on the area that you want to improve!

Area Chase

Set your reaction speed to the next level and improve the precision of your shots under pressure.

Chase that area and hit it!


Your dream is to play your longline straight to the side walls like professionals? Now you can train to reach this goal! Play longline and we aware, the longer you go the narrower it gets!


Ghosting is the most boring exercise ever, isn’t it? But we got you covered! Now you can practice it being guided by your interactiveSQUASH court! Follow the lead and be fast! Check your results and improve them overtime.

icon T-match Training Module

Owning the T is a necessity in any match of Squash. It is also something especially beginners struggle with. T-Match is an interactive exercise that helps the players attain the discipline of getting back to the T after each shot.<

icon Target_Practice Training Module
Target Practice

Improve your hit precision with our new Target Practice training module. Now available in 2 different modes! Timed Target Mode: practice your precision under time limit! The targets disappear if they are not hit within 4 seconds. Left/Right Mode: work on your leg/arm coordination to hit the ball as the targets randomly switch between left and right as you play.

Hit Display

Keep track of each player’s hits

If you and your playing partner feel like getting even fancier than by playing normal Squash on an interactiveSquash court, this game will bring some color to your standard Squash match. The service line is displayed on the front wall. Orange and blue hits are displayed respectively for each player.

Area Training

Area Training creates an environment for meaningful group training. Select a difficulty and choose between beginner or intermediater layout. Set yourself a target to practice on the wall. Let’s see how many times you can hit on the same target.

Normal White

If you want to get fancy by playing normal Squash on an interactiveSquash court, then this game is for you. You’ll have the standard squash service line displayed and markers on the wall after every hit to show you where your last shot was.

Any existing squash court can be upgraded to an interactiveSQUASH court within 48 hours.


Connect the same items to win big. Slots brings the casino experience to the Squash court.

Instead of burning through your wallet, burn some calories while trying to match as many identical symbols as you can.

Idol Rush

Break your way through the bricks. This is a 1 vs. 1 Game. Challenge your opponent in collecting as many doubloons as you can. Collect more doubloons by hitting streaks of the same color and bring the prize to the floor first to win.


With goal you will have lot of fun preventing the other Team to score! Choose your team wisely and start playing to push that ball inside the other soccer goal!


The aim of each level in Block is to carve a path for a giant sphere towards the end-zone. Hit the tiles to help guide the ball. Work your way through the levels and become a Block tactician.


In Darts you have to aim to score the right amount of points quick! You can play in Duo, Challenge and Tournament Modes. Improve your hand-eye coordination and accuracy and beat the challenge with your opponent!

Monsters Match

Monster Match is a puzzle game with a sporty twist. Pitting you and a friend against hordes of googly-eyed monsters. Match up the different colours to score points and don’t forget to aim for those special bonus items.


Invaders is an old-school arcade game. Save the world from invasion with one ball at a time, build up devastating counterattacks and set new records and find your way throgh the level.


Become an artist and paint your individual masterpiece with bright colours. Splash is a simple yet fun game for people of all ages. Each hit makes a splash of colour, resulting in colourful montages

Air Hockey

Air Hockey is a competitive game for two players. Practice your precision and guide the puck into your opponents goal. The goal is laid out like an air hockey table, hit your shots closer to the puck and they are more powerful. Prevent your opponent from scoring.


Ocean is a game developed for children. Players must tickle friendly fish and scare away bad fish. Treasure chests unlock exciting bonuses. Whacky sound effects meet simple gameplay – perfect for keeping kids active and entertained.

Tic Tac Squash

Connect the squares to win. Tic Tac is a 2 player game for the competitive type. Hit the targets to turn them Blue or Orange and beat your opponent by connecting the squares.

Motion Defense

Defend the circle against attacks. Prevent attackers from touching the circle but accurately hitting where the attackers are. Use accurate hits to set off chain reactions.


Match two of the same image. In this classic brain game you will be presented with a wall of squares that will flip over when hit to reveal a picture. Each level will come up with more tiles to reveal.


Music transforms the squash court’s front wall into a giant piano, making the court a terrific music hall. Hit the keys and make lovely combinations.

Hungry Snail

Hungry Snail is our first game that combines motion tracking and continuous gameplay. Hit the wall anywhere to spawn food and collect the food by running around in the court.The game is especially suited for two people. One can create the food whilst the other collects it by running around.


Get your geography on point while playing squash. If you don’t like reading, this game it’s going to take you all over the world without coming out of your place.

This game improves your knowledge and trains your precision.


Play up with friends and full your basket with eggs. Have fun searching eggs while burning calories!


Hit the bombs. If you are not fast enough, the bombs will explode and you will loose your lives.

InteractiveSQUASH Training Modules overview