InteractiveSQUASH | App
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 The interactiveSQUASH App is here!

The interactiveSQUASH App unlocks the best features of the system. Control the court, track your personal statistics, compete worldwide, and get the latest news and updates. Download for free on the App Store or Google Play.

Trying to bring your game to the next level?

interactiveSQUASH provides you with immediate results that can help boost your skills on the court.

Why results matter!

By contrast, interactiveSQUASH provides instant visual feedback enabling coaches to objectively assess performance. This feedback also communicates to players directly. Squash coaching with interactiveSQUASH is more effective because it shows people where they have to play versus where they actually play. InteractiveSQUASH results give a much clearer impression of where their level lies, and this is great for helping players progress faster.


From lifelong players to those lacing up for their first go at squash, Real Time results will change the way you track your progress and will ultimately change the way you envision the game. The new interactive Smartphone App enables you to access these results both on and off the court, and will provide you with detailed analysis of your progress including the speed and consistency of all your different shots.


Having access to results and feedback is extremely helpful for players of all levels. For pros, it can mean winning more competitions and for beginners, it can simply be about learning the proper techniques and getting the most out of your experience.


Real Time results can optimise your time on the court by showing you exactly when and where your shots struck the wall, thus making it possible for you to immediately incorporate slight changes to your techniques based on your training and/or fitness goals.