InteractiveSQUASH | financing
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interactiveSQUASH Hardware Leasing and Hire Purchase

Financing within Germany
In cooperation with our partner Hoenen Leasing we offer individual solutions for your corporate and private interactiveSQUASH project in Germany.

Hoenen Leasing is an experienced leasing company based in Cologne (Germany) with a focus on leasing and hire purchase in the medical, construction, office, fitness studio and catering sectors.

The financing offers only apply to the costs for the interactiveSQUASH hardware. The monthly subscription fee, installation and transportation cannot be funded.

interactiveSQUASH Leasing

Finance your interactiveSQUASH at low monthly payments, benefit from tax advantages and less initial cash investment. You can easily return the leased property without having to worry about it.

interactiveSQUASH Hire Purchase

By agreeing a later purchase price, you pay low initial costs and relieve your budget. In contrast to leasing, you automatically become the owner of your objects at the end of the contract period with payment of the last installment.