InteractiveSQUASH | Solo Training Session: Fun for One.
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Solo Training Session: Fun for One.

We all know squash players can be, well… a little eccentric.

If you’ve ever watched a heated match, you will have surely witnessed a few fits of anger because of an accidental collision or a questionable call. If you haven’t, here’s a taste of some ‘squash rage’.  Are you extra frustrated because you’re trusted squash partner has canceled last minute… again? An individual training session is the perfect remedy.

Who said a solo training session couldn’t be fun?

It’s Friday night. Since your partner has canceled you’re thinking whether or not you should just skip squash. It’s been a long week at work though, and you’ve been sitting at your desk for far too long. A solo training session would do just the trick but it’s Friday and you still want to have a little fun after all.

What to do? Lace up, get your racket, get your butt to the court.

It’s time to embrace that inner introvert and get some much needed ‘me time’ on the court. Your serve could use a little fine-tuning and your drive could use a power boost. A solo hour on the court should help you along nicely.

The regular wall is now a massive interactive screen where players can change games with the touch of a hand - this is exactly what the sport needs.

After a brief tutorial from a staff member, all set to start. You walk onto the court, and are welcomed by a voice from above, not so alone after all. Time to choose your training module. You extend your hand and touch the front wall, which is no longer a wall, but rather a massive screen. You wanted to boost your drive right? Longline is the perfect program to start with.

World no.10 Simon Rösner giving Longline a go.

As you drive your ball down along the wall, the target area progressively becomes smaller and all of a sudden, your inner competitor is unleashed. You notice that the previous player had a high score of 30 successful hits in a row within the area, and you make it your goal to surpass it.

10 minutes on, you still can’t get pass 25 hits, so you decide it’s time for a water break. Outside, the staff member asks how you’re enjoying the court, you can’t help but smile as this is completely different from anything you’ve ever done.

The staff member suggests that you should download the Smartphone app so you can fully access all your training statistics. A couple of clicks later and it’s on your phone and just like that, a rather lonely Friday evening has turned into a worldwide competition. You can now compare your stats and scores for every training module and game with other players across the planet.

The interactiveSQUASH app stores all of your training and game data so you can compete with others around the world.

This is only a small glimpse of what interactiveSQUASH offers to players, ranging from beginners to professionals. Training programs such as Longline, Area_Training, Area_Chase, Area_Focus and Butterfly, to name a few, are ideal for those wishing to train individually for an hour every week or for professionals who are on the court every day. Can interactiveSQUASH drastically improve your game? That’s for you to find out.

With interactiveSQUASH, you’re the master of your training session.

Next time your squash partner cancels on you last minute, you won’t think twice about still going to your slot.

If this sounds like an ideal solo sporting and exercise experience to you, get some ‘me time’ at an interactiveSQUASH near you.

For more information about interactiveSQUASH, explore our website and read up on our upcoming new feature, live video tracking and analysis. To get in touch with our team, click here.