InteractiveSQUASH | Video Tracking and Analysis: Introducing an Update like no other
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Video Tracking and Analysis: Introducing an Update like no other

Now that you know what interactiveSQUASH is, it’s time to look to the horizon to see what lies ahead. 

In the coming months, we’ll be releasing a new feature that will completely change the way the sport of squash is played. 

The interactiveSQUASH system has already revolutionised squash by integrating technology and the traditional sport. Now, we are preparing to launch live video tracking and analysis. This update will enable players to analyse their realtime performance in addition to accessing footage through the interactiveSQUASH App. This article will provide you with exclusive details concerning the upcoming update and what it means for the sport, for both pros and beginners. 

Video tracking and analysis

We’ve worked diligently to update all existing first generation interactiveSQUASH systems with the video tracking and analysis feature, although is has not yet been officially launched. The new video tracking and analysis feature will be available with the second generation of the interactiveSQUASH system, ready for shipment through our partners ASB SquashCourts. Included in this fully functional package is a set of 4 cameras that track players’ movements from a variety of angles.

The video tracking and analysis feature is a comprehensive platform that will completely change how players train and play. Imagine a system which enables you to analyse every move you make and every shot you take in realtime. The video recordings will provide immediate feedback for coaches and players alike and will be fully accessible from the App. 

This new update will enhance how professionals train and beginners learn.

The video tracking and analysis tool will also impact your realtime training or playing session. For instance, we already have a system to train your drive. With the new video tracking platform, the system will be operated by intelligent A.I. As a result, it can let you know if you’re too far or too close to the wall when hitting your drives. If this is the case, an alarm will sound and you’ll know right away to step back into the appropriate zone. These are just a few examples of how video tracking will change how you train and play. 

Pairing with the App 

The interactiveSQUASH App allows every player to access a comprehensive set of key statistics and their personal video tracking footage. The potential benefit of having access to this tool can’t be understated. Imagine having a highly competitive game with a training partner and then being able to go over your performance during or immediately after a point. You could easily determine what technique and/or strategy worked best and then utilise those winning techniques and strategies in further games.

Once the video tracking and analysis platform is launched, a new version of the interactiveSQUASH App will be available for download. This way, you can fully access and utilise this new update. 

The new version of the interactiveSQUASH App will provide you with access to immediate realtime feedback and unlimited footage of your performance.

By accessing the App, players obtain valuable statistics and realtime feedback. All footage remains private, at the discretion of the player. However, you may choose to share it with a coach or other players for example. This represents a completely new and revolutionary way of training. 

A view of 2 cameras located within the glass interactiveSQUASH tin.

How it works 

As mentioned above, the upcoming video tracking and analysis feature consists of 4 individual cameras strategically placed within the squash court. 2 cameras are located right within the interactiveSQUASH glass tin. 1 camera is fixed on the ceiling. Finally, 1 camera is placed on the back wall above the entrance. For this final camera, our partner ASB SquashCourts also provides a holding bracket for glass back walls. These multiple camera angles provide a comprehensive view of play. 

Having A.I. track you while you play and train is only the first step. The prospects for further improvement and development are incredibly exciting. We can’t even imagine the possibilities yet.

What are the advantages of having access to video tracking and analysis? Motion tracking will provide players with a wealth of statistics. For example, running speed, how fast they’re returning to the ’T’, and much more. Coaches will be able to provide immediate feedback based on realtime video. In addition, they can go over footage afterwards with their trainees. This means they can analyse their performance and clearly identify necessary areas of improvement. This is crucial for professionals who are continuously seeking to improve their skills. It is also be indispensable for beginners who will be able to track their progress. 

The Potential 

Aside from providing players with realtime feedback and a wealth of statistics, video tracking has the potential to change the way coaches interact with their trainees. Not only will coaches be able to go over performances or training sessions side by side with their players, they will even be able to communicate or assess their players’ performances over long distances, opening up the possibility for remote coaching.

Remote coaching represents one of the major breakthroughs provided by realtime video tracking and analysis. For the first time, coaches will be able to train with players in different courts, cities, or even countries. This capability will make coaching for beginners and professionals more accessible and can ultimately change the way the sport is taught and played. 

The possibility of remote coaching represents a 21st century breakthrough for the sport of squash.

Coming Soon

Now that you have an idea of how video tracking and analysis works and how it can drastically improve the overall squash training and playing session, you must be wondering when this feature will be available at an interactiveSQUASH court near you. 

The platform will be included at no additional cost with all first generation interactiveSQUASH systems (even those recently shipped in the past few weeks) and with the coming second generation interactiveSQUASH systems all of which are shipped through our partner ASB SquashCourts. The new video tracking and analysis feature, in addition to a new version of the App, will be fully functional on the interactiveSQUASH platform in Summer 2017. 

For question or enquiries, we invite you to contact the interactiveSQUASH team