InteractiveSQUASH | The Future of Squash: BallsportARENA, Dresden
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The Future of Squash: BallsportARENA, Dresden

You’re going to want to play on this court.

The new BallsportARENA in Dresden is next level. The state-of-the-art fitness facility recently had its grand opening and it has a lot of people talking (here’s a timelapse video of the arena being built). Among other features, the BallsportARENA is equipped with an interactiveSQUASH court accompanied by an ASB SquashCourts GlassFloor.

This is without a doubt the most technologically advanced squash court in the world. We thought you might be interested to see what the future of squash looks like…

It's a little overwhelming when you walk onto the court, it's unlike anything I've experienced before!

If you live in or nearby Dresden – or need a reason to check out this beautiful city – book an hour of play at the BallsportARENA today!

My kids loved playing interactiveSQUASH, they felt as if they were in a real-life video game.

The court is equipped with the latest interactiveSQUASH system which boasts 20 games and training modules designed to make the most of your workout and to make for the most fun possible.

As with all our courts, you can control the system by placing your hand on the front wall or by downloading our free app which unlocks the best benefits such as statistics tracking, worldwide competitions and up-to-date news.

Training with Area Focus on the new interactiveSQUASH court at the BallsportARENA in Dresden.

A glimpse into the future of squash can be found in Dresden. Innovation has a way of shaking the status quo and disrupting what may be considered as normal and ok.

A whole new dimension to the sport has opened up.

At Fun With Balls, our goal is to push sport forward, merging technology and fitness together to help people lead active, healthy, and most importantly fun lives. Let’s shake things up!

We’d love to hear what you think about the court as well. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or send us an email (address below).

If you are interested in learning more about interactiveSQUASH, click here or contact us by phone or by email at

Smashing some Squash Invaders.