InteractiveSQUASH | Racquetball
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Introducing racquetball’s next chapter

The squash revolution has already begun with the development and release of interactiveSQUASH. Now the time has come for interactiveRACQUETBALL, a system designed for racquetball courts and players which propels this fast-paced sport into the 21st century.


Trying to bring your game to the next level?

interactiveRACQUETBALL provides you with immediate results that can help boost your skills on the court.

One of the driving forces behind interactiveRACQUETBALL is to introduce the sport to a whole new generation. With this in mind, we’ve developed a series of games specifically meant to engage kids of all ages.


Once they’re on the court, they won’t want to leave!

Are you ready?

In order to fully grasp what an interactiveRACQUETBALL system would entail, it’s useful to know how the interactiveSQUASH system operates. interactiveSQUASH is a game-changing fusion of sports and technology. Immersive projection graphics combine exciting video-game-style gameplay to transform the classic game of squash into a decidedly 21st century experience.

The patented hard and software is distributed and installed internationally. Now players can learn squash with digital coaching and get into shape with exciting games. With over 20 games and training modules available already and more to come, developers will also be able to create and play there own games through our open platform.

With the first interactiveSQUASH courts installed and operating, we are now expanding to racquetball. Although, similar, we are quite aware that racquetball is an altogether different sport than squash. As such, we are currently adapting the system to meet the needs of existing racquetball courts. This spring, the first interactiveRACQUETBALL court will be installed offering a wide range of games and training modules specifically designed for the sport of racquetball.

The system itself presents a great opportunity to help grow the sport on the international scale. Already, interactiveSQUASH has increased the numbers of hours played on existing courts and has attracted a new younger audience. The interactiveRACQUETBALL system could be extremely useful for existing racquetball court owners and court admins in order to increase court use and could also initiate the sport to a whole new generation. We are intent on increasing the popularity of the sport, especially for a 21st century audience.

We are in the process of partnering with some of the leading experts and organisations of the sport to help develop the best possible product for racquetball players and court owners. If you are interested in learning more about interactiveRACQUETBALL, please contact us by phone or by email at

Want to know more on how to upgrade? Then contact us!