InteractiveSQUASH | The Benefits of an interactiveSQUASH upgrade
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The Benefits of an interactiveSQUASH upgrade

Still not convinced? Then this is for you.

Although summer and squash don’t typically go together, squash die-hards don’t mind taking a break from the heat in a club’s air-conditioned court. Summer is a time for vacations but also ambitious projects. We wanted to share a few of the benefits of an interactiveSQUASH upgrade, to give you an idea of how it could drastically improve your court. 

This summer why not consider an interactiveSQUASH upgrade?

It's easy to understand how players can fall in love with interactiveSQUASH. Once you start playing, you don't want to stop.

Digital Functionality

If you’re familiar with the interactiveSQUASH system, you’ll know that the main modification is equipping the court with a projector and series of sensors and cameras that transform it into an immersive technological training environment.

With 20 games and training modules, it’s great for beginners, with tons of fun games for kids such as Monster Match and Ocean. It’s also equally beneficial for experienced players and professionals with tailored training modules such as Drive and Area Focus that improve both accuracy and consistency of shots.

Easily switch between games and training modules by simply placing your hand on the front wall, or you can download the interactiveSQUASH app to easily navigate the system and get up-to-date statistics and leaderboard scores.

For more of a technical overview, check out some more in-depth details here.

Playing a round of Darts. One of 20 interactiveSQUASH games and training modules.

Court Admin

The benefits of the interactiveSQUASH system aren’t simply on the court, but off the court as well. Court owners and operators have access to ‘Court Admin’ which allows them to easily control the system. You can manage games and training modules, access in-depth user statistics over time, and keep track of all hours played on the system.

Court Admin is designed to be user-friendly, so don’t worry if you aren’t the most tech-savvy person out there! 

Court Admin puts you in the captain’s chair when it comes to managing your court.

Built-in Surprises

We understand that some people might be a little apprehensive to upgrading their squash courts because they are unsure what interactiveSQUASH can do for them. The beauty of the system is that it combines the traditional sport with an innovative and futuristic twist.

However, the best is yet to come as we’ve hidden some great features in the system. For instance, the 4 cameras installed on each court will provide extensive video tracking and analysis, a feature that will prove indispensable for professionals.

In addition, we’re in the process of adapting the system to support soccer squash. Yes, you read that right, soccer + squash. Using a specially designed indoor soccer ball, players will be able to take part in this high-calibre workout that brings an extra twist to the traditional squash court.

We’re constantly working on new features for the system, so stay tuned for more news and updates!

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