InteractiveSQUASH | A Personal Note from our Founder Markos Aristides Kern
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A Personal Note from our Founder Markos Aristides Kern

On January 28th last year I was scheduled to meet a friend in Dubai for a session of clay pigeon shooting. Due to a sandstorm we had to cancel and my friend suggested to play my first hour of a game called squash instead. It was this day the idea of interactiveSQUASH was born.

I’m a very hyperactive and competitive person, needless to say I was more than excited. My opponent did not leave the slightest chance for me to score even one point which is exactly the kind of motivation that made me push my limits that day. I’m different than most people. I’m a self made creative entrepreneur, sleeping very little, and like the extreme. I started my first company at the age of 21, producing art installations in the Sahara and on icebergs in Antarctica, created a surf school in North Korea, and find myself constantly traveling all over the world. All of a sudden, I was surprised to find this so-called ‘old’ sport that seemed to be exactly my type of thing. 

Two things caught my attention that day. First, I wondered why I had never tried squash before and why the image of this sport is not what it is supposed to be. Second, on another court I saw a player doing his solo sessions and thought “how dull!”

The sport is more than amazing, but something was preventing it from being brought into the digital age.

It was that day, exactly one year ago, that I had the vision to create interactiveSQUASH. The last twelve months have been more than wild. We dove deep into the international squash scene with the aim to revolutionise and update squash and its image. Squash is rather special, and I’d say this goes both ways. I met so many lovely people involved in this outstanding sport from all over the world from China to the US, Egypt to Sweden, Squash is small but everywhere. On the other hand, the sport also has plenty of issues including a totally outdated image and reputation, with many centres closing and a decreasing numbers of players in many countries. This is what we work on. interactiveSQUASH is not just a technical addition, not just a platform, it’s one part of a much bigger movement for the whole sport.

Simon Rösner the current world No10 Training with AreaFocus

Squash is a sleeping giant - it’s time to put it back on the map on an international level in terms of media, and number of players.

We are very satisfied with what we achieved in our first year, but we have just begun. In the next days and weeks we will launch our app which will revolutionise squash training and fun that extra step more. For the first time the sport will be fully trackable and create statistics for each player to refine their game. Courts worldwide are beginning to upgrade and players and soon-to-be and professionals, can’t wait to play on our system.

I’m very happy to announce that the first systems will already ship with the second generation of hardware. This means that we were able to include some special surprises that will be available with the next coming updates of our software. We will announce these new developments in the following days to come.

It’s important to highlight that many people put a lot (both sweat and tears) into developing interactiveSQUASH. To all our friends and partners who’ve contributed along the way, on and off the squash court, I thank you. The future of the sport is ours to create.

We have only just begun! if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us
Stay tuned and we will see you on the court.