InteractiveSQUASH | Squash in the lead of innovation in the sport at PSA CHI 2019!
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Squash in the lead of innovation in the sport at PSA CHI 2019!


The ongoing PSA World Championships in Chicago is an event to be remembered. With some interactive fun going on in between sessions, interactiveSQUASH can transform a sport event into an exciting experience by adding the fun factor, in particular for kids.


What’s happening in Chicago will make it a tournament to be remembered. It is not only the greatest event in squash ever, with a record prize money of $1M equally shared between men and women, it also sees squash in the lead of innovation in the sport, adding the fun element into the game and some interactive features to create engagement. We’re ready to enhance fan entertainment at its best by creating the most interactive, wow-ing and kids-friendly experience to the public at the venue and at home watching on TV.

The interactive features of interactiveSQUASH are meant to hook the audience with a completely new event atmosphere in this magnificent venue, Chicago Union Station. Here the main ones that have been introduced for the first time ever into a PSA World Championships tournament:

  • Live video reviews and replays on the front wall while waiting for the referee decision;
  • Ball warm-up effects like explosions, glass cracking and sponsors’ logos;
  • Impact feedback during matches showing the exact position of the ball on the front wall;
  • Detailed heat-maps showing players movements and their “T” dominance during the whole match;
  • Interactive spin of the racket: exiting activation such as HIT THE SERVE where two kids can play to decide who is going to serve by hitting as many balls as they can on the from wall, quickly switching the colours of players’ T-shirts;
  • Fun game breaks that now become highly entertaining elements of the event, with kids of courts shooting at Monsters, defeating Space Invaders and also learning how to do Ghosting. They definitely want to stay on court and are always asking for more!

Some images live for the event:


Our partnership with PSA World Championships team


Thanks to our partnership with the PSA at the World Championships, presented by the Walter Family inside Union Station, we provide some real change in the sport to help it gain more visibility. Markos Kern, Founder of Fun With Balls GmbH, said: “By making the tournament more attractive as an event, we hope to reach out to a completely new audience, that will be exposed to this great sport for the first time. Looking at all those kids, eager to enter the squash court for some real fun together, we are proud to be working on our mission to grow participation day by day.

Tim Garner, Event Director at PSA World Tour, added: “I think that it’s fantastic to have these new interactive elements and the interactiveSQUASH front wall gives us a lot of opportunities to develop the sport forward. It is also very engaging for the crowd and spectators, it really helps with the atmosphere of a squash event like this, but also of any sport event. And it’s awesome for kids! All the kids have absolutely loved it and every time they step into the court you can tell how much excited they are to play all the new gaming features and to be involved directly in the matches, playing the HIT THE SERVE game.

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Have fun!
Fun With Balls Team