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Motion Tracking or Motion Capture is a technology that tracks the player's movement with 3d Depth cameras. This feature helps players to become better in their sport by analyzing their movement. Motion Tracking is not only used to record the athletes' movement, it can also be used to play entertainment games such as pong.
Motion Tracking, Movement Tracking, Motion Capture
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National Squash Center Manchester: interactiveSQUASH court #4 opened in the UK

A new interactiveSQUASH system is ready to welcome squash players in UK.  The National Squash Center is located in the Etihad Campus in East Manchester. Built in 2002 for the Commonwealth Games the centre opened it’s doors to the public shortly after the event.

Since then the location is hosting a range of sporting events such as PSA Squash World Tour tournaments, British Athletic Championships and sporting events from local schools. The center has 7 squash courts including one glass court and now an interactiveSQUASH court.

The interactiveSQUASH system which was joint funded by MCRactive and England Squash is now operational.

Paul Hulme, Sport Strategy Officer: “Innovations such as interactiveSQUASH are important to ensure squash continues to be attractive to new and existing players of all ages and abilities. The digitalization gives us a great opportunity to reach out to new users and showcase the possibilities within the sport. We want to embrace the opportunities it can offer and excite the next generations of players in Manchester and beyond to get involved and play squash“

Lee Wicks new interactiveSQUASH partner in the UK

The interactiveSQUASH installation in Manchester was the first project managed by our new partner Lee Wicks. The head squash coach from the Crowborough Squash Club will work together with Fun With Balls to introduce interactiveSQUASH to squash centers in the UK.

After a long career as a client manager in the IT sector, Lee decided to change his life in order to “only do things he liked as a kid”. One of his passions was squash. So Lee decided to join our mission and uses his technical experience, networking skills, his love for the game and the desire to get children active to attract juniors to the sport.

interactiveSQUASH community is growing

The latest installation in the National Squash Center Manchester is the next highlight in our UK expansion. With two systems already installed at Centerparcs in Whinfell Forest and Elveden Forest as well as Birmingham University the interactiveSQUASH community is growing continuously. 

What is interactiveSQUASH? How can squash center benefit from an upgrade?

With a broad selection of different kind of games, from retro arcade to the more creative and educational ones, every game has been developed to meet fun and entertainment with the need of improving players’ skills like hand-eye coordination, speed, strength and reaction time.

InteractiveSQUASH training: InteractiveSQUASH is the most sophisticated digital training system for racket sports on the market. Training modules which have been designed in consultation with professional coaches and professional players can test movements and skills specifically related to competitive play.

InteractiveSQUASH Games: InteractiveSQUASH’s games are designed to get everyone and in particular kids thrilled to jump on court to start playing.

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