InteractiveSQUASH | The Future of Squash: interactiveSQUASH Founder Markos Kern charts the way forward
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The Future of Squash: interactiveSQUASH Founder Markos Kern charts the way forward

Airport Squash was just the beginning. We’re gearing up for a whole new chapter of the sport.

Airport Squash has been a huge success and we’re extremely thankful for all the positive feedback we’ve received from pros, avid squash players, amateurs, and people simply passing by at the airport.

This past week, a variety of special guests and professionals, both past and present, tested out the state-of-the-art interactiveSQUASH/ASB ShowGlassCourt including  current World no.1 Grégory Gaultier, German pros Simon Rösner and Jens Schoor, and Paul ‘Superman’ Coll. Dozens of local squash enthusiasts also booked hours of play on the court, and many had their first experience playing interactiveSQUASH.

With the event wrapping up this Friday, we’d like to thank all those who made Airport Squash possible, namely our main partners ASB Squash Courts (a big shout out to Peter Schmidl and his team for making the installation possible, ROWE for providing the court itself and players to come test it out, Beamershop24 for furnishing the projection technology to make outdoor daytime projecting possible, and UNSQUASHABLE for equipping us with rackets for the event. Now it’s time to look ahead at what’s next, and let’s just say, the future is a bright one.

We don't want Airport Squash to be a one-time occurrence. We're looking forward to bringing this experience to other cities as well.

Current World no.1 Grégory Gaultier and World no.10 Simon Rösner face off on the interactiveSQUASH/ASB ShowGlassCourt.

The time to move the sport forward is now.

Markos Kern, Founder of interactiveSQUASH, is more than happy with the success of Airport Squash. Having only been initiated to the sport recently, Kern has worked quickly to create a whole new direction for squash, one that seeks to engage a whole new audience while providing a new approach for seasoned players.

The future of squash is a bright one if you ask Kern, who wants to build on the success of Airport Squash and move forward, organising more events like this one. Not only does Kern want to equip existing squash courts with interactiveSQUASH systems, he wishes to provide more opportunities for the public to access world-class experiences such as playing on a glass court. It’s all part of a strategy to awaken the ‘sleeping giant’ that is the sport of squash.

The state-of-the-art interactiveSQUASH/ASB ShowGlassCourt.

Although Airport Squash is coming to a close (there’s till a couple days left if you want to come check it out, click here for more info), interactiveSQUASH is preparing for the next step. Who knows where the next court will pop up?

We want to get people excited about squash again, this involves adopting a new direction and approach.

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