InteractiveSQUASH | New Squash Training Applications now available on interactiveSQUASH
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Squash training applications

New Squash Training Applications now available on interactiveSQUASH


We keep innovating our squash training applications! Discover our latest additions: T-Match and Target Practice. They are targeted to beginners, amateurs and also to more advanced players. Ask your coaches about these new training possibilities and start practicing with them. Available from today on all interactiveSQUASH systems!


T-Match Features

icon T-match Training Module

T-Match is intended to work on dominating the T Area and to let you put more pressure on the opponent.

Owning the T is important in any match of Squash. It is also something that especially beginners struggle with. T-Match is an interactive squash training application that helps the players attain the discipline of getting back to the T after each shot.

How does it work?
1. We display the T Area and monitor the position of the players. After each shot, we point them back to the T Area with big arrows.
2. By moving there the player will collect T-Time, visualized by the rim of the center circle.
3. After each rally, one point is awarded for winning the rally, and one for owning the T the longest (T-Point).

At the end of the game you get the statistics showing the Score, T-Time, Rallies and T-Points. The Score results as the sum of Rallies and T-Points.
On the example below, the match ends with 22 points for the winner:

T-Match Game Stats - interactiveSQUASH


Target Practice Features

icon Target_Practice Training Module

Target Practice will allow you to focus your shots on specific areas of the front wall with more precision.

Our favorite configurable training application just got an overhaul. We added two new game modes and made it even easier to use!

How does it work?
1. Thanks to the new selection screen you can easily configure your game.
2. Use the arrows on the bottom to set your preferred combination of three parameters:

First New Mode – Timed Target: practice your precision under time limit. The targets disappear if they are not hit within 4 seconds.

Timed Target - interactiveSQUASH

Second New Mode – Left/Right: train your coordination by hitting the ball as the targets randomly switch between left and right.

These new squash training applications are intended to squash players like you, who want to improve their skills in a very simple and effective way. Thanks to our technology you have now the possibility to get immediate visual feedback of every single shot, to analyse it and to understand how you could improve, and also to keep track of your improvements directly on our mobile App. They also represent one of the best ways to welcome new people to squash courts, and to help kids to ease their transition from playing simple games into training in a more concrete and fun way.

Merging gaming with real sports is what we’re all about – check what we did during PSA World Championship in Chicago earlier this year to get the feel of it – and this is what it’s going to become the normality in the future. Let’s keep an eye opened for the many more news and squash training applications coming your way though interactiveSQUASH!

Contact our Team today to bring this innovative system to your Squash facility or check multiBALL for an easy upgrade of any desired indoor space!

Have fun!
interactiveSQUASH Team