InteractiveSQUASH | AirportSQUASH installation almost complete!
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AirportSQUASH installation almost complete!

The public event begins tommorow and runs until Friday, April 28th.

After more than a week of preparations, the first ever interactiveSQUASH/ASB ShowGlassCourt is almost complete and ready for action at the Munich Airport Center.

The court has been the object of increasing curiosity for patrons and will be the center of attention at the Airport for the next ten days during the airportSQUASH event.

This will be the first ever time the public can play on an ASB ShowGlassCourt, typically reserved for professional tournaments across the world. Combined with the innovative interactiveSQUASH system, this will be a world-class experience and we’re happy to say that it will be open to squash players and enthusiasts of all ages and levels. Although it may be a chilly start to the event, once you start playing interactiveSQUASH you’ll be sure to warm right up.

ASB SquashCourts have installed their state-of-the-art glass floor on the court, making the interactiveSQUASH/ASB ShowGlassCourt one of the most technologically advanced Squash courts ever built.  In addition, Beamershop 24 has provided the court with one of the latest projectors and projector foil that will immerse the player in a gaming and training experience like none other.

Play like & see the Pros


Although most of the prime time hours have been booked, several daytime and a few evening hour slots are still available. If you’d like to get in on this unique experience, book an hour today for you and your friends at

All those who book an hour on the court are also entered into a draw to win an hour of play with 11-time German National Title Winner and Pro Simon Rösner. Book before tomorrow at 16:00 and you’ll be entered into the draw automatically. You can also book an hour with the pro on Saturday, April 22nd.

Along with Simon Rösner, Squash Pros Gregory Gaultier and Paul Coll will also be checking out the court next weekend. Come stop by the court and watch as they try to master some of the system’s games and training modules. We’ll also have another high profile visitor to the court during the event so stay tuned for more updates on our social media channels in the coming days.

For more info please email

See you at the Airport starting tomorrow!