InteractiveSQUASH | ASB Squash innovations that changed squash
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ASB Squash

ASB Squash innovations that changed squash

ASB Squash are proud partners of interactiveSQUASH. In 2016, the company is celebrating 50 years of innovation and success.

To say ‘Happy Birthday!’ to this very special company we are taking a look at 6 groundbreaking developments in the company’s history.

interactiveSQUASH combines the classic sport which immersive digital games and training programs. The system encourages beginners and pros to optimise their squash skills with instant visual feedback, statistical insights and analyses. Launched in July 2016, it has sent positive “shockwaves” through the global squash community and is hotly tipped to evolve squash in new directions.


The ASB Squash ShowGlassCourts have become synonymous with quality and excellence. Since the debut of the new show court in 1998 and several upgrades, the iconic glass courts have become the benchmark for televised squash events.

They offer an unparalleled spectacle to both live audiences and those watching at home. Indeed, ASB Squash ShowGlassCourts have set the stage for many memorable tournaments in recent history and will doubtlessly continue to do so.


ASB Squash’s GlassFloor system is one of the most advanced flooring systems in the world. For sports, the floor is extremely durable and can accommodate customisable LED marking lines.

However, it is also very much a floor of the future and the company sees the potential for GlassFloor to go far beyond sports floors with an ever-expanding range of applications emerging.

One of the largest present court space to feature the ASB Squash GlassFloor is a German school measuring a formidable 500 square metres. At the BT Sports TV Studio in London, where the marking lines for each sport can be chosen by simply pressing a button. Further projects are on their way, such as the biggest GlassFloor order so far, the 2,000 square metre Elbflorenz Events Hall which will be realised in Dresden, Germany.

Movable SideWall

This ingenious invention gives court owners a range of court set-ups. At the push of a button, the ASB Squash Movable SideWall can alter a space to accommodate different activities – the space for doubles squash and more sports is now available in moments. And more sports certainly equals more fun and more happy people.


The PublicSquashCourt is the first outdoor squash court to have captured the public imagination. The project was intiatied by the US Public Squash Initiative with the aim of making the sport more accessible.

The initiative enlisted ASB Squash’s help in creating a unique, outdoor squash court. The glass construction is especially designed so that players can focus on the game without distraction whilst letting the public see in. ‘The challenge was to develop a product that meets a tight budget and can withstand all environmental impacts. The results are stunning.


The ASB Squash EventGameCourt consists of 3 ASB Squash System100Courts in a row with 2 movable side walls separating the three courts. It has some features that enable the court to ‚travel‘. The ASB Squash EventGameCourt is designed to be installed, dismantled and re-installed.

The EventGameCourt is the perfect unit for large, multi-sports events. The functionality: It’s made for singles and doubles squash but also offering a large 190+ square metre multi-purpose area for 30+ sports, dance classes or social events.

All of these innovations demonstrate that ASB Squash can be proud of a long history of ingenuity which have transformed squash and beyond for the better. Here’s to the next 50 years of exciting innovation!