InteractiveSQUASH | Squash Training 2.0 – revolutionising the training session
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Squash Training

Squash Training 2.0 – revolutionising the training session

Squash training 2.0 on interactiveSQUASH courts.


interactiveSquash will have you training at your limit with a smile on your face. Our ever increasing range of training modules will make planning your sessions effortless. Focus on precision by training specific skills while you rev up your engine. Take a look at the exciting ways to up your game with interactiveSquash.

Professional squash training and solo sessions are the backbone of every athlete. Finally there is a way to make these more interesting and boost your motivation for training routines.

1. AreaTraining

AreaTraining is the customisable training tool that coaches have been looking for. Coaches can now set specific interactive targets in order to improve a variety of shots. It visually shows the impact of every hit, motivating each player to improve precision.

For solo sessions, AreaTraining can also be played with one player only, making the rather dull training routine much more fun and valuable. Two different layouts for beginners and pro players are available are available.

interactiveSquash’s training modules will open up a new dimension to coaching.

2. AreaFocus

AreaFocus is programmed to have you practicing your shooting accuracy on designated squares positioned at different heights.

Your aim will be to hit the squares as fast, accurately and often aas possible within one minute. AreaFocus will have you honing your accuracy while encouraging you to speed up the rate of your returns with real-time feedback. Losing a ball in your rally will mess up your statistics, so concentration is a must.

The summary screen will show your accuracy ratio, proximity from the wall, and the time taken to make a return for each shot after every one minute interval. Gauge your improvement round by round or use the app to view your scores after the training session.

AreaFocus can be played solo or you can up the challenge with a second player on the opposite side of the wall. AreaFocus has different layouts available.

Choose your strategy for AreaFocus: Race to beat your best times or make the best of every swing.

3. AreaChase

AreaChase will integrate fun and competition into your training session along with the speed and precision seen in the previous two Area games.

AreaChase is match with an opponent who has their own colour coded areas to target. Each player has to hit the highlighted area of his color, this then moves to different locations across the wall after each hit.

Dodge and swivel around your opponent as you both take aim at your targets. This training module can be quite intense, imagine it like a normal squash match flus an extra task. Losing a ball will result in a voice granting your opponent to serve again.

It is a question of efficiency. Training could never be tracked and optimised this easily and the statistics on your smartphone are more than valuable of any pro player.

4. Long-Line

Test your shot speed and accuracy with Long-Line. Keep hitting the ball in an area of the wall that gets progressively narrower with every hit. Switching sides will give a new dimension to training your forehand and backhand drives.

As with most of the training modules, the player will receive immediate feedback after every hit.

Long-line is a solo training and sets a challenge for even the most seasoned squash player. Set your high score then check the app to compare with other players around the globe.

Test your nerve and set your score on Long-Line.

5. Butterfly

This one is for the pros! Butterfly will train your volley technique (or figure-8) to have you sharpen your winning shot. The volley technique is an essential drill that focuses on opening the face of the racket.

The aim in Butterfly is to alternate hitting designated areas on either side of the front wall to train you to generate power and precision.

Your score and the average time of each ball hit will be displayed to give you direct feedback about your speed and accuracy. Gauge your high score against a friend or any player in the world using the interactiveSQUASH App.

Butterfly will have you mastering the delicate flick of your wrist and the powerful return drive needed to make the winning shot.

I could honestly play for hours. I definitely need a bigger water bottle.

Who can use interactiveSQUASH Training Modules?

The training modules have been designed to develop the precision, fitness and agility of athletes at any level whether you are a beginner, a weekend warrior or a professional athlete.

Coaches will get the chance to analyse their players performance on the best feedback system available on the market.

Players and coaches alike will love how the interactiveSquash App streamlines their communication during personalised feedback sessions. Training alone will be more fun and and focused on results.

If you are an intermediate player looking to add these training modules to your workout then try our example of an intense (yet fun) workout with interactiveSquash.

New to squash?

This is the perfect way for you to gain an appreciation of the sport while having fun and getting a great workout!

Want to play?

Give us a shout if you’re interested in finding a court near you or if you’re interested in installing the system on your court.