InteractiveSQUASH | 3 Reasons to visit AirportSQUASH this Weekend
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3 Reasons to visit AirportSQUASH this Weekend

We’re gearing up for a great weekend of squash.

It’s Day 3 of Airport Squash and so far people are having a great time. It’s been a cold week in Munich but that hasn’t kept anyone from enjoying a few games of squash on the interactiveSQUASH/ASB SquashCourts ShowGlassCourt. Luckily, the weather is looking good for the next few days, just in time for the weekend.

We wanted to give you the inside scoop on what’s happening on the court and 3 reasons why you should check out Airport Squash this weekend.

I feel like a pro playing on the glass court. This is my first time playing interactiveSQUASH and I can't get enough!

1. See the Pros

We’ve got a full line-up of appearances from some of the Squash world’s best players coming to try the interactiveSQUASH/ASB SquashCourts ShowGlassCourt this weekend. Germany’s own Simon Rösner, current world no.1 Grégory Gaultier, and New Zealand sensation Paul Coll will all be stopping by Airport Squash this weekend. If you’re lucky, you might get to see them play too!

The first players warm up the court for a day of action.

2. Play with a Pro

Feeling particularly good about your squash game? Why not challenge 11-Time German National Title Winner and current World no.10 Simon Rösner to a few games of interactiveSQUASH. The pro will be at the court this evening and tomorrow during the day. There are still a couple slots open if you’d like to meet and play with Simon. To book an hour with the pro, contact

Enjoying a game of DARTS at Airport Squash.

3. Open Play

If you’re not sure what interactiveSQUASH is and want to try out a couple of games, come say hello and see this state-of-art glass court at the Munich Airport Center. We’ve scheduled some Open Play/Drop-In hours so you can simply try it out for yourself. Come by between 19:00 and 21:00 today, 19:00-20:00 Saturday, or 13:00-14:00 and 19:00-20:00 on Sunday to play a game or two!

If you’d like an hour to yourself, there are still some free slots available as well. Click here to book.

One hour wasn't enough, we want to come back again for more!

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See you on the court this weekend!