InteractiveSQUASH | Simon Rösner, Squash World’s No. 5 player, is thrilled to be the first professional squash athlete to gain all the advantages of training daily with interactiveSQUASH at Paderborner Squash Club (Germany)
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Simon Rösner, Squash World’s No. 5 player, is thrilled to be the first professional squash athlete to gain all the advantages of training daily with interactiveSQUASH at Paderborner Squash Club (Germany)

Squash club owners are taking up action around the world to join the new era in squash and become squash clubs technology pioneers with the introduction of interactiveSQUASH in their facilities.

This time, the protagonist is the Paderborner Squash Club, in Germany, which counts with 10 squash courts, coaching services, sport shop, sauna and bistro restaurant. The club offers top service and hosts some pro players to carry out their daily training, as Simon Rösner, World No. 5.

Simon is really aware of all the advantages that interactiveSQUASH brings to the development and improvement of his training and the new way of bringing other generations to squash courts, motivated by the refreshed and fun side that interactiveSQUASH offers to kids and youngsters.

Other squash athletes around the world had the chance to try out interactiveSQUASH at ATCO PSA Dubai World Series Finals 2017-2018 and also realised about the great advantages of interactiveSQUASH and its meaning for the future of the sport:

Ali Farag, World No. 2: “Data analytics provided by interactiveSQUASH at PSA SquashTV tournaments is without a doubt a big step for our game. it enables pros to get access to their movements and shots on court, using them afterwards to improve our training”. 

Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, World No. 6: “I consider interactiveSQUASH a very dynamic, funny and innovative way to play squash! A very entertaining system to learn how to play squash in a different way, using objects, lines, colours, etc. that help us to improve our accuracy and control of the ball. It is like having a coach in another dimension! I would like to use interactiveSQUASH for my daily training”.

Sarah-Jane Perry, World No. 8: “I think interactiveSQUASH is fantastic, particularly for getting children to enjoy our wonderful sport from the moment they step on court by engaging them in fun games which provide real time rewards. The possibilities for training at professional level are endless and the instant feedback and stats simply can’t be attained any other way”.

Having these feedbacks, squash clubs which use to have pro players for their training, should consider incorporating the system, as it would help enhance athletes’ skills and they will get track results of their sessions. Moreover, other interactiveSQUASH users around the world will be able to see the pro’ results on interactiveSQUASH App and challenge themselves in getting better results!

We are looking forward for next Simon’ tournament to see and reconfirm the added value of interactiveSQUASH used in pro players training. Mohamed Elshorbagy should definitively ask for a system at his training facility if he does not want that others takes advantage of his position!

With new features development and collaborations with the PSA, like motion tracking and live squash tournaments projected in smart courts, this is the perfect time to upgrade your squash court and join the new era in squash. Future installations are being prepared for Hamburg and Munich, converting Germany in a prominent country in the development of our sport and formation of our sport-stars.

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