InteractiveSQUASH | The Numbers Are In: Squash Can Be A Real Money-Making Sport
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The Numbers Are In: Squash Can Be A Real Money-Making Sport

It is also lady-friendly, fun for beginners and a magnet for kids

If you have any strange feelings about this quote from Marc Veldkamp, you are missing the interactiveSQUASH boat. But do not despair! There is still time and we are here to help you in upgrading your Squash centre with this groundbreaking technology.

With monthly earnings hitting over € 3500 at a single iSquash court, the owners of Nieuwe Sloot Squash Centre in the intermediate town of Alphen aan den Rijn in The Netherlands have many reasons to celebrate. Not only is the court booked more than ever before but also the interactive system allows to increase hourly rates due to the added value of the immersive gaming and training experiences.

Our numbers show that unless you have over 250 hours of play time on premium price every month at your courts, there is still room to improve. So it is really time to say goodbye to days of nearly empty courts and only hard-hitters coming at the peak hours to play. The new business model for Squash has every hour of the day optimised. Even at Nieuwe Sloot they still want to push the envelope further as they involve the whole community around interactiveSQUASH, including nearby schools, running an inspiring Junior program and several coaching sessions daily.

Working directly with the PSA, tracking and analysing every hit on a PRO match, or at global sports exhibition awards ceremony like the ISPO in Munich our goal is the same: to make Squash a great sport for everyone. The future of Squash depends on the centers taking action by innovating. Moreover, every centre will need to be interconnected within the next years.

The game will only be on the right path when every good score you accomplish in Squash can be seen as a challenge for other players across the globe, bringing extra motivation to help improving their skills. We are not resting until we reach this goal and neither should you. This is the recipe to promote the more than 50.000 Squash courts worldwide to not only survive but to thrive.

With new interactiveSQUASH systems being installed at the same time in the USA, Poland, New Zealand, Denmark and many other countries, the movement is truly on its way. We hope that soon it will be you taking the step forward!

Join the new era of Squash / Welcome to the interactiveSQUASH revolution.

Marc Veldkamp, owner of Court Performance,
official interactiveSQUASH Distributor in the Benelux,
Professional Coach & Ambassador of Squash

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