InteractiveSQUASH | Interactive Squash Courts for the Digital Age
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The Most Advanced Training Tool in Squash

InteractiveSQUASH – Elevate Your Facility with Smart Squash Technology

InteractiveSQUASH merges the sport of squash with cutting-edge digital technology, creating an unparalleled playing experience. Our advanced interactive system enhances the traditional game, making it more appealing and accessible to a new generation of players while offering new ways to operate squash courts in the digital age.

This isn’t just a new way to train and play—it’s a groundbreaking reimagining of squash. With immersive graphics and interactive gameplay, every session transforms into both a physical challenge and a thrilling digital adventure.

The “Wolf” Nick Matthew OBE joins the squash revolution

“The sport of squash needs innovations such as interactiveSQUASH to ensure squash continues to be played on the world’s biggest stages. I am convinced technology is the driving force to maximize talent, unlock potential and glue aspiring young players to the court. Together with interactiveSQUASH, we aim to capitalize on the opportunities digitalization offers for court operators, coaches and players to boost the future success of our sport.“, said Nick Matthew, OBE.

928.560+ hours of interactiveSQUASH games played since 2017

Hardware: Quick Upgrade, Advanced Capabilities

The InteractiveSQUASH system is an all-in-one upgrade package that transforms any existing squash within 1-2 days of work. The kit includes high-resolution laser projectors, motion sensors, and responsive sensors to track the ball, enabling a dynamic, interactive playing environment.

Designed for easy installation, the system upgrades your court with a few, simple modifications that stay within WSF and PSA regulations. This quick enhancement not only improves play but also extends the utility and appeal of your venue.

Games and Training modules

The games get everyone, in particular kids, thrilled to jump on the court to start playing.
With a broad selection of games, from retro arcade to the more creative and educational ones, every
game has been developed to meet fun and entertainment standards with the need of improving
players’ skills like hand-eye coordination, speed, strength and reaction times.


Training modules active


Games available

interactiveSQUASH court app

The InteractiveSQUASH app will allow you to track your statistics whenever and wherever you want. The app records every game and training module you participate in and will give you instant feedback upon completion.

Join our Community

interactiveSQUASH collaborates with national and international sports federations to revolutionize the world of squash.


InteractiveSQUASH is a game-changer for attracting and retaining new players of all ages

In relation to the opening hours of sports centres, interactiveSQUASH courts have a higher average usage rate than normal squash courts.


In winter, the booking duration during opening hours is approximately 73%.


In summer, the booking duration during opening hours is approximately 45%.

Squash players spend more time for training sessions and fun activities on the courts than before.

  • Played hours on and interactiveSQUASH court (2023) per month

Any existing squash court can be upgraded to an interactiveSQUASH court within 48 hours.