InteractiveSQUASH | Airport Squash
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 interactiveSQUASH at the Airport

If you’re looking to promote your brand and join the fitness revolution, sponsoring an AirportSQUASH event represents an exciting opportunity. AirportSQUASH places a visually striking interactiveSQUASH/ASB ShowGlassCourt creating a hub of excitement and activity within the airport environment. Glass courts represent the epicentre of the ultimate squash experience and attract large numbers of players and curious bystanders alike.

An example of an interactiveSQUASH/ASB ShowGlassCourt.

Munich edition of AirportSQUASH

In April 2017, the first AirportSQUASH event was held at the Munich Airport. The 10-day event was a groundbreaking success which attracted 600 players, made 75 0000 on site impressions, and garnered over 1.3 million online impressions. This world class event will garner plenty of media coverage and attract local players and professionals alike (squash pros Grégory Gaultier, Simon Rösner and Paul Coll attended the Munich edition of AirportSQUASH).


For more photos of the event, click here.



As stated above, the goal of Airport SQUASH is to bring sport to high-traffic public spaces such as airports to promote fitness. We are also open to set up a court in another type of public space. Organising such an event or becoming sponsor represents an excellent opportunity to promote your brand all the while promoting a healthy lifestyle.


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