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Join the squash revolution!

Imagine a completely intelligent court. A court that tracks players’ every move and shot. A court that provides the most advanced digital squash coaching in the world with real-time feedback and statistics. A court that engages players of all skills and ages with exciting new games and training modules.

interactiveSQUASH – you’ve never experienced a court like this before!

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interactiveSQUASH is a completely new way to play a classic racket sport. Immersive projection technology combined with exciting gameplay transforms squash into an unparalleled sports experience. No special equipment, VR goggles or devices required – just regular squash balls and rackets. interactiveSQUASH’s games are designed to get players active and fit with a combination of fast-paced fun and action. Every game features full-colour graphics, engaging sounds and intuitive designs. That’s not to say that interactiveSQUASH is child’s play. The many difficulty settings on offer mean that even the most experienced squash will have their skills put to the test.

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interactiveSQUASH’s ball-tracking technology allows for the most accurate game of squash. It keeps scores, calls outs and faults, offers instant match facts. Players can now see their game on an entirely new level. With the interactiveSQUASH app players can track their progress, check their scores and see how they stack up against others in worldwide leaderboards.

about interactive squash


interactiveSQUASH is the most sophisticated digital coaching system for racket sports on the market. Training modules which have been designed in consultation with professional coaches and players test movements and skills specifically related to competitive play. For the first time ever, coaches can streamline training sessions. Get pinpoint accurate feedback on player’s performances and review movement on the court in real-time. Develop new strategies and bring training to life for younger squash players with interactiveSQUASH. The system’s video and movement analysis lets players review their performance later or receive instant digital feedback on their overall game.

about interactive squash