A Court Owner that decided to Upgrade to interactive Squash - Interview and Feedback
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court owner

Interview with an interactiveSquash court owner

InteractiveSquash was invented in Munich, Germany and the very first court owner to upgrade is one of the Bavarian city’s favorite sports clubs, Sports4You.


The family-owned sports center was founded in 1984 and was one of the first in Munich to adopt squash. Since then, they’ve expanded their facilities to include 10 squash courts. The Hofmann family owners pride themselves on having fostered a true sense of community between employees and customers. We spoke to Sports4You’s manager, Chrissi Holzmann about their decision to upgrade their court to interactiveSquash.


About Sports4You

Sports4You has been in the Hofmann family for over two generations, whilst Chrissi has worked there for 14 years. She attributes their continued success to going the extra mile for the customers; ‘We are really proud of having a familiar atmosphere. Customers come in as strangers and go out as friends’.


Why interactiveSquash?

Sports4You like the idea of uniting the classic sport with the feeling of a video game. Moreover, they are convinced that this new generation of squash will attract more people to it. ‘We’re excited to be part of this new development’ adds Chrissi.


Player’s responses to the iSquash court

Initially there were two very distinct reactions from visitors and members. The younger group were immediately excited by this upgrade and wanted to try it immediately. The older group was pretty sceptical. They were concerned that technology was intruding into their sport, their passion. However, the squash veterans quickly realised that the system still lets them play a proper game of good ol’ fashioned squash, allaying their fears. They became curious and have come to love some of the training modules the system has to offer as a way to warm up.

Some people are completely hooked by now, especially kids and some professionals who compete for high-scores and thoroughly enjoy a new kind of squash feeling.

Challenging aspects of the new court

Chrissi’s initial concern was that staff might struggle with the technical aspects of interactiveSquash. She explains that ‘Since there is more technical equipment than, for example, a flick of a lightswitch, I’m a little afraid.’

Luckily, interactiveSquash is designed to be as user-friendly as possible and to require practically no maintenance (except for the occasional dusting off).

How can court owners benefit from owning an interactiveSquash court?


interactiveSquash is court owner approved and ready to take over the world!


If you’re a court-owner who’s interested in purchasing iSquash send an email to sales@funwithballs.com. Getting a court upgrade is effortless, and only takes 1-2 days.

For any other questions about iSquash visit our website www.interactivesquash.com or find us on Facebook.